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Adams Jeep of Maryland Inc

Adams Jeep of Maryland Inc
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3485 Churchville Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001
(443) 356-4245 Ask About Our Service Specials!

Service Hours

Mon: 7:30am-5:30pmTues: 7:30am-5:30pmWed: 7:30am-5:30pmThur: 7:30am-5:30pmFri: 7:30am-5:30pmSat: 7:30am-1:00pmSun: Closed

Why should you visit a Mopar service center?

Regardless of whether you drive a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® or another brand vehicle, we offer fast and professional service for nearly all makes and models.

  • Fast and convenient service
  • No appointment needed
  • Service for nearly all makes and models
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection
  • Tires and other services available
  • Coupons and Rebates for extra savings
  • Factory-trained, certified technicians

Backed by the World's Best Brands Mopar® Express Lane uses parts and products from the most trusted automotive brands.

Mopar® Express Lane uses only genuine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram and FIAT® Brand parts. All parts have been tested to ensure function, fit and finish of original specifications.
Magneti Marelli® parts are used on all other makes and models. Magneti Marelli has been a leader in both quality and innovation for 95 years and counting.
Mopar® Express Lane recommends Pennzoil® Motor Oil. We also offer the highest quality Pennzoil synthetic oil, keeping your engine clean and extending the life of your oil change for an even greater value.

The lifeblood of your Vehicle

The importance of regular oil changes can’t be overstated in keeping your engine running smoothly. Schedule an appointment with our highly trained technicians for help in finding the right oil for your needs or drop in for Express Lane service.

The Many Benefits of Engine Oil At its most basic, oil keeps your engine running. It also serves a number of other functions that help to prolong the life of your vehicle.

  • Friction Reduction
  • Heat Reduction
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Weather Tolerance
  • Rust and Corrosion Prevention
  • Improved Performance

How to Read your Tires

A vehicle asks a lot of its tires. By learning how to identify wear and decipher your tire's sidewalls, you'll be better prepared to deal with the issues that arise when rubber meets road.

tire wear chart


  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Kelly
  • Bridgestone®
  • Firestone
  • Michelin®
  • BFGoodrich
  • Uniroyal
  • Continental
  • General
  • Yokohama®
  • Pirelli®
  • Falken
  • Ohtsu
  • Hankook
  • Nexen
  • Toyo
  • Nitto

Stop on a Dime

Make sure your brakes are functioning at their best with expert service from Mopar®. Learn how to spot signs of wear and what to do about them as well as how to extend the life of your brakes and what to look for when shopping for new brake pads and rotors.

Benefits of Magneti Marelli Brakes, offered by MoparMagneti Marelli brakes, offered by Mopar®, stand out from the competition. Learn what makes them so effective and what to look for when shopping for brake pads.

  • Ultra-Quiet Braking
  • New Brake Hardware
  • Superior Braking Performance
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

How can I extend the life of my brakes? The way you drive will make a significant impact on the life of your brakes. Avoid having to make hard stops by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and coasting to a stop when possible. Pay attention to any unusual noises or vibrations when braking and get them checked out—early intervention can avoid costly repairs.

How do I know when my brakes need to be replaced? By the time you notice the most obvious signs of brake wear, such as squealing or grinding noises when you brake, juddering or longer stopping distances, it may be too late for an easy fix. Regularly inspect your brakes, paying attention to the thickness of your brake pads and to any indicator lights on your dashboard. Also, you should make note of the recommended service intervals for your brakes and take your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

What causes my brakes to overheat? The friction from braking results in heat. When you brake aggressively or hold down the brake for a long time (such as when going downhill with a heavy load), it can put a lot of pressure on your braking system and can even “glaze” your brake pads by wearing them down to the point that they have trouble generating enough friction to stop. You can avoid overheating your brakes by driving more cautiously, downshifting instead of pressing the brakes to slow your vehicle and by staying on top of regular maintenance of your brakes.

How to Extend the Life of Your Battery

The average battery will last three to five years, but you can ensure that your battery’s lifespan will be in the higher end of that range with these tips.

  • Clean Your Battery
  • Limit Heat Exposure
  • Avoid Short Trips
  • Clamp Your Batteries
  • Turn Off Extra Features
  • Test Your Battery

How do I choose the right battery for my vehicle?Generally, a battery provided by your vehicle manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer will be specifically designed for your vehicle, ensuring a seamless replacement. Mopar® stocks batteries for current-model FCA US LLC vehicles, so you can find the right one for your needs.

How do I recharge the battery? If your battery has no charge at all, you can use a battery charger to recharge it. Check the instructions on your charger and make sure that your vehicle and the charger are off before connecting any cables.

How do I know when my battery needs to be replaced? Look for signs that your battery may be nearing the end of its life, like electrical issues, a slow-starting engine or a check engine light on your display. When examining the battery directly, look for corrosion on the terminals, a sulfurous smell that could indicate leakage or a bloated or swollen battery case.

road hazard tire &
wheel protection

for as low as $145, get full repair or replacement cost

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The Benefits of Synthetic

  • Reduced strain on your battery and engine
  • Better performance in extreme high and low temperatures
  • Improved oil longevity
click here to watch a video and learn more

About Adams Jeep of Maryland Inc

Adams Jeep of Maryland Inc is your authorized Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram dealership service center, offering competitive pricing on all automotive repairs. Our factory-trained technicians can service any make or model vehicle for everything from routine maintenance to major repairs.

Dealer Conveniences

  • Shuttle Service Available
  • We Offer Rentals
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Free WiFi
  • We Have Early Bird Hours
  • We Offer Mopar Accessories
  • We Offer Mopar Performance Parts
  • We Do State Inspections
  • Ask About Service Contracts
  • Certified Technicians

Call (443) 356-4245 today to schedule your next appointment.

Our technicians at Adams Jeep of Maryland Inc are ready to help you!
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Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★ Matt Paoletti
    | Read Full Review
    7/23/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ryan Hicks
    | Read Full Review
    7/22/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ tammy stoneberg
    | Read Full Review
    7/21/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Chuck White
    | Read Full Review
    7/15/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Patty Malesh
    Friendly and thoughtful dealership service department. They even put air in my low tire without me asking asking. | Read Full Review
    7/14/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ sean jamison
    Do you that feeling you get when you arrive at a Chic Fila and are in and out within 10 minutes, no matter how long the line? That pure satisfaction of precision. Then you enjoy that heavenly food, and all is right with the world. This is exactly what it feels like to deal with John Louks and the crew at Adams Jeep. Satisfaction guar | Read Full Review
    7/14/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Doris Ramsey
    I have always been treated well. The service representatives go above and beyond to help you. | Read Full Review
    7/8/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Walt Stevenson
    | Read Full Review
    7/8/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Heather
    Purchased vehichle June 11th 2021. Signed a contract and gave $1100.00. After leaving with the vehichle and having it for a little over two weeks they called and said they couldn't verify cosigner employment. I contacted the bank and asked what's needed to be done they said they'd send an email which they never did after me calling t | Read Full Review
    7/8/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jessica Raab
    | Read Full Review
    7/5/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Gail Gerdus
    Always good experience greeted pleasantly upon entering as always. Wait time reasonable. Everyone pleasant to deal with for any info about car I need, | Read Full Review
    7/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Dina Shaffer
    Always a great experience at Adams. From sales to service…and everything in between. This Jeep girl loves this dealership! | Read Full Review
    7/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Susan Miller
    | Read Full Review
    6/30/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Paul Lyon
    One mile from my house. Last service was performed quickly and was less expensive than I thought it would be. | Read Full Review
    6/29/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ JC Cregar
    Despite My disappointment with the overall quality and durability of my vehicle, I have received excellent customer service in all my years dealing with Adams. Unfortunately I had issues with my 2017 Jeep Renegade burning oil, an apparently common issue with the engine. Chrysler warranty covered the cost of replacement at 10,000 mi | Read Full Review
    6/22/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tim miller
    Fantastic dealership, Jim (our salesman) was great and understood what we needed when we found out our car was totaled out that same day, thank you all again!!! | Read Full Review
    6/19/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Thomas Moskos
    | Read Full Review
    6/19/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Christina Lester
    They always take good care of me when it comes to fixing my Jeep , oil changes. John is always a big help. But I came yesterday to get an oil change the mechanic I did not catch his name saw a piece of metal in the back of my Jeep he went above and beyond and removed it when he could’ve charged me. They are the only ones who I will l | Read Full Review
    6/18/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Garry Sorrells
    Extremely knowledgeable on off road Jeeps. Went in with incorrect installation of steering assembly. Recognize the problem, knew the solution, corrected everything. My first time there and went on several recommendations, will make Adams Jeep my go to place from now on. OH, the people at Adams are wonderful. Ask for John. | Read Full Review
    6/18/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Peter klema
    | Read Full Review
    6/16/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ ow lord
    Terrible. Tried to screw me on a inspection. Apparently sold my personal info also. | Read Full Review
    6/12/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Adrienne Congo
    Lifted my 3rd Jeep (2013 Unlimited) and need a copy of the Invoice for another service by another company. Just Notice that Adams Jeep did not honor the written pricing for my AEV Wheels and Overcharged Me $80 despite having a conversation with service mgr. how it appears that they are not women jeep owner friendly with regard to pri | Read Full Review
    6/6/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Garry Sorrells
    Knowledgeable on Jeeps. Went in with incorrect installation of steering assembly. Recognize the problem, knew the solution, corrected everything. My first time there and went on several recommendations, will make Adams Jeep my go to place from now on. OH, the people at Adams are wonderful. Ask for John. | Read Full Review
    6/3/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ michael goff
    The service department at Adam's is amazing. They went above and beyond what they needed to do to resolve my issues. Another dealer canceled my warranty for no valid reason but Adam's fought to get it replaced and also reinstated my warranty. The service director and the service manager all went above and beyond what they needed to d | Read Full Review
    6/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jeff Anthony
    | Read Full Review
    6/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Tiras Green
    | Read Full Review
    5/30/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John Leahy
    I just bought a 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL through Adams Jeep in Maryland. I live in New Jersey but I hate my local Jeep dealer in Cherry Hill so I went with Adams. I dealt with Keith Cook (Internet Sales Manager) and he was awesome. I ordered my Jeep and he kept me updated through every step of the process. Pricing was good, no hassle, n | Read Full Review
    5/26/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Phyllis Hemmes
    Very friendly - exceptional service fast and complete | Read Full Review
    5/26/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Beate Farruggio
    Adams jeep always takes care of my needs in a quick professional manner. | Read Full Review
    5/22/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Danny Roberts
    I can't them Mr. Winters enough for what he did to resolve a tired issue , I brought new Wheels and tires and found out 1 tire was bad , he didnt stop working on it till the issue was resolved.....he went above and beyond what I feel some other dealerships wouldn't have done Daniel Roberts | Read Full Review
    5/21/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Karen Melendez
    Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Easy to get appointment that works for me. Love my Jeep! | Read Full Review
    5/14/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ray Paice
    | Read Full Review
    5/7/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tracey Burroughs
    | Read Full Review
    5/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Joseph Carr
    | Read Full Review
    5/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Stacie Castle
    John Louck at Adams Jeep really helped me alot when another dealer wouldn't. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Got my jeep in and done in day. Someone asked where togo yesterday I told them Adams Jeep, they will be my goto in the future when needed for sure. | Read Full Review
    4/29/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Karen Melendez
    | Read Full Review
    4/26/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ed Hershon
    Always a pleasure to deal with Adam’s Jeep! They treat me like family, especially John Loucks in service. I drive all the way from Annapolis because of their great service department. | Read Full Review
    4/26/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Richard Mallonee
    | Read Full Review
    4/21/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Mary Gallup
    Amanda in service is excellent. She has excellent customer service skills She made me feel at ease and was very courteous and knowledgeable . Hats off to her ???????? | Read Full Review
    4/21/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Greg Cain
    I used to work here as a Car Lot Manager for 6 years and left for a career as a Pro CDL Truckdriver. I purchased my 2016 Town & Country from them. My check engine light came on and they diagnosed it for free as they gave me a deal. Great bunch of folks there, very friendly and thorough. They take their time explaining what your optio | Read Full Review
    4/13/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lisa Noble
    Great experience. After an ongoing and annoying issue with my navigation system caused by a software update, the Adams Jeep service personnel quickly and efficiently replaced the faulty system with a new one. I'd come prepared to spend the morning and fearing more issues, but was out of there in no time. And as usual everyone I dealt | Read Full Review
    4/9/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ john gleichman
    Work done on engine .check engine light was on.lifters bad and needed cam . | Read Full Review
    4/9/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Mike Fazio
    Very friendly team! I am new to the area and will definitely continue to use them as my service center for my Grand Cherokee! | Read Full Review
    4/2/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Alex Tremblay
    | Read Full Review
    3/31/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ c Db
    We have 2 Jeep Wranglers and had no issues with Adams. Great customer service, thank you! | Read Full Review
    3/30/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Francis John
    | Read Full Review
    3/28/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Mary
    | Read Full Review
    3/28/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Nutrica Eakins
    I had a wonderful experience. I came in to speak with an expert about my truck. They answered every question also took their time to explain to me what I didn't understand. I would recommend Adam's Jeep to anyone who is looking to improve the look of their Jeep. | Read Full Review
    3/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tim Porcella
    | Read Full Review
    3/15/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Denise Macinnes
    | Read Full Review
    3/8/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kevin Mooney
    They offer excellent products. Matt is a excellent salesman!! I purchased a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport from them in January. I am very happy with the pricing and the quality of the product they sell. I would definitely recommend shopping here. | Read Full Review
    3/6/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ william barry
    | Read Full Review
    3/5/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Betty Allison
    I have always had the Best Possible Service at Adam's Jeep. I have been a Jeep owner for almost 20 years and have never had a problem with any work that I have had done there. Everyone is so very helpful and nice. They go out of their way to make you comfortable and always answer all your questions. They also give the best deals | Read Full Review
    3/4/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Dololaff Carmichael
    My visit was pleasant. Mr. John Loucks took my information for a recall and handle it as soon as I arrived. I didn't know how long the recall would take, but it was longer than I expected. This was okay, because I had brought a book to read. My tires needed air and they were nice and took care of putting air in my tires too, | Read Full Review
    3/4/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Sedrick Chavis Jr
    5 out of 5 every time with my friends Adams Jeep. John Loucks always takes great care of me and my rides. | Read Full Review
    3/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Cathey Robertson
    | Read Full Review
    3/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kevin Mooney
    They offer excellent products. Great young salesman but parts department and finance manger were not helpful. Still waiting on a minor cosmetic part that was damaged before delivery. Finance manager way too pushy on the extended warranty.Otherwise a nice place to shop. | Read Full Review
    3/1/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Crystal Pulsirisaroth
    | Read Full Review
    2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
    | Read Full Review
    2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Richard Pankau
    5 stars. John and the team repaired my wife's Jeep and she's back on the road. | Read Full Review
    2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Anthony Burwell
    | Read Full Review
    2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Toni Leggore
    | Read Full Review
    2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tiana Harman
    Went in for a routine oil change and tire rotation. Was out in an hour. Everyone was masked, friendly, and welcoming. I had to sit in another area because the waiting area seats were all taken which was no biggie. | Read Full Review
    2/18/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Steve H
    Adams Jeep of Maryland has always taken great care of my Jeep and their staff is extremely professional and friendly. | Read Full Review
    2/11/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Krissy Oxendine
    Thanks John for all the help and getting my jeep fixed! | Read Full Review
    2/3/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John Jones
    Excellent service department!!! | Read Full Review
    1/27/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Nytiece Powell
    | Read Full Review
    1/27/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ David Bud Wisor
    Adams is quite simply the best service department we've ever dealt with. Fair, reasonably priced and consistently good work. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of repair and service garages closer to me, and at least 3 Jeep dealers, but we always stick with Adams. A special shout out here to John Loucks, the Service Manager who co | Read Full Review
    1/23/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Daisy Reachard
    Excellent service | Read Full Review
    1/21/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
    Adam's Jeep top of the line l have brought my 9th Jeep Cherokee from them. | Read Full Review
    1/19/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kendall Schwartz
    Always friendly and fast! | Read Full Review
    1/13/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Brian Mckenna
    Great customer service Very Friendly and knowledgeable | Read Full Review
    1/12/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John Jones
    | Read Full Review
    1/12/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jeff Bell
    | Read Full Review
    1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Akil Patterson
    I loved the service and the ability to correct any situation. They had damaged a part of my vehicle they took responsibility and i was so greatful that i added to my order because i figured might as well get some more work done. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Brian Mckenna
    | Read Full Review
    12/29/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lucky Marino
    | Read Full Review
    12/24/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Robert Moser
    | Read Full Review
    12/17/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ JC Cregar
    Best after sales customer service. Got a birthday greeting from Matt who sold me my car. See Service Manager John, he will take good care of your vehicle and send you on your way with a smile. Currently getting service test and pleased with the follow up by management. ?? Unfortunately having issues with Renegade burning oil but se | Read Full Review
    12/15/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Gregory Howard
    Always the best. Ensures safety of their owners vehicle! Thanks Adam’s! | Read Full Review
    12/7/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ msfitnetz
    What an awesome dealer and crew! Sincerely thank you and well woth my drive and train ride. Love my Gladiator! | Read Full Review
    12/7/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Nathan Nudelman
    Great customer service! Everything from ease of scheduling an appointment to execution of the work! John Loucks in service- knowledgeable and great customer service. Nathan | Read Full Review
    12/3/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ James Givans
    Very good | Read Full Review
    11/25/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Todd Holmberg
    Very pleased with the service. Always great to deal with. Thank you! | Read Full Review
    11/23/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Bea Farruggio
    | Read Full Review
    11/21/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Gloria Miller
    They have been friendly and helpful at every visit. | Read Full Review
    11/12/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ myron cole
    | Read Full Review
    11/5/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jake Lind
    One of the few assurances we are granted in our day to day, is a reliable dealership. I cannot find a flaw or lapse in Adam's Jeep and their team, thus that assurance has been attained thankfully. The Tech fixed my car and ensured any other issues were communicated, and the service team was unparallel in their ability to take care of | Read Full Review
    11/4/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Stanley Rouse
    Adam's Jeep of Maryland has the best customer service i have had in many years. I know when i leave my car with them, I'm going to receive the best service in this area. Thank you very much. | Read Full Review
    11/4/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Sherri Ross
    | Read Full Review
    11/2/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Sarah Harrison
    | Read Full Review
    10/29/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Martin Kramer
    Great folks, great service. Rusty, Kate, John, great people! Definitely went the extra to resolve my issue and make me happy! | Read Full Review
    10/21/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ yonhottscott
    | Read Full Review
    10/18/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John Reynolds
    I always have a great experience when I get my Jeep service , in and out the work done right the first time. | Read Full Review
    10/14/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ William P. Aaron
    | Read Full Review
    10/8/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ donna dixon
    | Read Full Review
    10/6/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ bob Burghauser
    I made an appointment and arrived promptly. Was told it would take two hours, when I returned in two ours they said come back in an hour. Never did I get a call saying it was going to take longer then expected and they did not run into additional problems. Still an hour later and not done. Waited around for another 30 minutes. The | Read Full Review
    10/2/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ austin brown
    always false advertising their pricing. when you see one of their jeeps way below msrp don't believe it for a second. its clickbait. Funny thing is its usually the opposite. They add all these packages onto the jeeps to jack the price up to over 10k above msrp. If the msrp is 35k don't advertise the price on and autotrader | Read Full Review
    9/17/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ betty bell
    The process was quick easy and the customer service was excellent.staff are professional and friendly.great team..highly recommended | Read Full Review
    9/15/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ C.J. T
    Hilariously deceptive advertising online. I expect extra costs and useless processing fees from dealerships, but this is the first location in my extensive search to feature a barefaced lie about the price. Their listed prices for some of their new models looked like an amazing discount off MSRP. I got excited that some "Covid deal | Read Full Review
    9/8/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kelly Lawrence
    They were great. I bought my jeep there and they have done repairs for us. They were friendly and helpful. I will absolutely use their service again. | Read Full Review
    8/21/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jenn Loveland
    Service department is extremely helpful. Won't take my jeep anywhere else. | Read Full Review
    8/16/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Marcus Reno
    Galen and John were great to deal with. They expedited my repairs efficiently. Only downside was the cost but not their issue. | Read Full Review
    8/1/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Veronica Grover
    John Louchs, as always, took care of my service & in a timely manner. Adams is the best around for Jeep service. | Read Full Review
    7/31/2020 12:00:00 AM | Google
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